What does hosted integration mean?

Using hosted integration, when your customers go to make payment on your website, they are redirected to our secure payment form to complete their order and then redirected back to your website. With this integration, you can outsource the payment process off your site and re-skin the payment form to match your brand.

Requirements: This method is used if you have a shopping cart that doesn't support the Direct/API integration method, if you cannot host secure (HTTPS) pages or if you'd simply like to outsource the payment process off your site.

Difficulty: Intermediate. This integration uses the users browser as a data relay, which means there are some additional steps required to securely transmit the data to/form the payment gateway.

Download our Hosted Integration Guide plus our Hosted Payment Page Skinning Pack to customise the payment form.

Download our hosted integration code examples

Please choose from the following selection of code examples:

ASP Classic Code Example

ColdFusion Code Example

Java Code Example

NET 2.0 Code Example

PHP Code Example

Plus, you can download our Graphics Pack which includes images in PNG and vector format.