Developer Support for Payzone Gateway - Hosted Integration

What does hosted integration mean?

We can provide a secure payment form which the customer is redirected to during the checkout process. They will complete the order on our system and then be redirected back to the merchant’s system with the results of the transaction.

Our system allows this payment form to be completely re-skinned so that it closely matches the merchant’s own branding.

Download our Hosted Integration Guide


This method is generally used by merchants who are using a shopping cart that does not support the Direct/API integration method, merchants who cannot host secure (HTTPS) pages or merchants who would like to completely outsource the payment process of their website – usually for PCI compliance reasons. 

Difficulty: Intermediate. Because this integration uses the users browser as a data relay, there are some additional steps required to securely transmit the data to/from the payment gateway, as well as handling the response. These additional steps add complexity to the integration. 



The Hosted page can be skinned to look like the rest of your merchant website.

Please download the document below for help with customisation:

Hosted Payment Page Skinning Pack


Please choose from the following selection of code examples:

ASP Classic



Net 2.0


Graphics pack  - includes the most requested images in PNG and vector format.