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Our online payment gateway offers a safe and secure way of taking online payments. To make it simple you’ll find all the support you’ll need here

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Payzone Integration Types

Our Payzone Gateway offers a range of different integration types. In this section you'll find an explanation of what each of them are and all the information you'll need to do to set them up.

If you’re not sure where to start download our guide - Getting Started to Integration

Please see below for more information about our different integration types; Direct / API, Hosted and Transparent Redirect.

For additional support you can call us on: 0844 2090 555

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Payzone Gateway Integration Options

Direct / API Integration

Direct / API Integration

Direct/API processing allows you to keep your customer on your site throughout the entire checkout process, providing a much smoother customer payment experience. This method requires your website to have an SSL certificate.

Hosted Payment Form

Hosted Payment Form

We can provide a secure payment form which the customer is redirected to during the checkout process. Meaning the customer completes their order on our system and is redirected back with the results of the transaction. This method is generally used if the shopping cart being used on the site doesn’t support the Direct/API integration method, or there is no SSL Certificate in place.

Transparent Redirect

Transparent Redirect

This method allows your system to appear to keep the customer on it during the checkout process, but the card details don’t actually touch the merchant’s system – they get posted directly across to the secure payment system. This solution gives the appearance and experience of the Direct/API method for those who don’t have an SSL Certificate in place.