Mobile card payments machines

  • Dedicated UK-based support
  • No joining or exit fees
  • Plus a short 12 month contract
For UK Businesses only

Enable your customers to pay anywhere, anytime

Never worry about collecting card payments again, with a mobile card payments solution from Payzone. Our mobile card payment machines enable you to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere in the UK.

The mobile card payment unit features a built-in SIM card, so you don’t need to worry about a WiFi or telephone connection. Instead it simply connects to the strongest mobile phone network available – wherever you are.

Ideal for tradesmen, salesmen, delivery businesses, pop-up shops and more.

Start taking card payments in minutes

Hook up to a mobile card payments solution from Payzone and start benefiting from:

  • Get paid anywhere

    With fast and reliable UK-wide coverage

  • Reduced waiting times

    Accept fast payments of up to £30 with contactless and Apple Pay technology

  • Peace of mind

    All payments are securely and compliantly processed in line with the latest industry security standards

  • No more hassle

    Sleek design means receipt rolls are easy to replace

  • Easy set up

    Start taking payments just minutes after your machine arrives

  • Fast connection

    Simply connect to the strongest mobile phone network available

The easiest way...

 More payments in the UK are now completed by credit and debit card than cash

 UK consumers have the world’s third-highest number of cards per person

 Contactless spending has grown 300% since 2014 strengthen your business's cash flow.

We're FCA regulated for consumer hire.

Why choose Payzone

One-to-one support

One of our team of 80 specialists will visit you to discuss your specific needs before you sign up. And you’ll be assigned a dedicated advisor to your account.

Safety and security

Relax knowing that Barclaycard or Elavon, our payment partners, are processing your payments and keeping you safe.

One-year deals

You won’t find a shorter contract than our 12-month agreements – ideal for SMEs that want flexibility in the future.

No set-up or exit fees

With Payzone, you’ll never get stung with set-up or exit fees. We promise.

A proud history

For more than a quarter of a century, we’ve helped SMEs grow across the UK.

Simple pricing

Each business is different and we tailor it to you, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.