The small machine with big business benefits

Unlock your business’s true potential with a countertop card payment machine from Payzone. If you’ve ever lost a customer because you can’t take card payments, you’ll recognise the pain of watching them walk away.

Payzone’s countertop card machine is a secure, convenient and cost-effective way to keep your customers in store – and spending more. 

Ideal for convenience stores, cafes and takeaways, independent retailers and more.

Start accepting card payments in minutes

Hook up to a countertop card payments solution from Payzone and start reaping the rewards:

  • Latest technology

    Accept fast payments of up to £30 with contactless and Apple Pay technology

  • Increased footfall

    Make it quicker, more secure and more convenient for customers to buy from you

  • Peace of mind

    All payments are securely and compliantly processed in line with the latest industry security standards

  • Easy installation

    Set-up you can do yourself, simply plug it in and follow the on-screen instructions

  • Happy customers

    Easy to do cashback and refunds

  • Friendly customer support

    Available 7 days a week including weekends and bank holidays

Make life easy for your customers...

 More payments in the UK are now completed by credit and debit card than cash

 UK consumers have the world’s third-highest number of cards per person

• Contactless spending has grown 300% since 2014

...and better for your turnover.

We're FCA regulated for consumer hire.

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