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How does the countertop Chip & PIN machine work?

The machine works by reading credit and debit card data through the chip on the card. When the card is inserted into the card reader this data is then securely transferred to our acquiring partner to process.

The countertop card machine is designed to sit in a static position and wires into the phone line or broadband cable. Therefore, the counter or desk needs to be within a certain distance from a plug, phone line or Ethernet point. It comes complete with a RJ11 telephone cable and a standard Ethernet cable, allowing you to connect your card machine via your telephone line or broadband connection. 

When you sign up to Payzone for card payments, the countertop card machine is easy to use and install. Simply plug the machine into an electrical socket and follow the on-screen instructions to install the machine ready for use.

Interested in taking card payments? Take a look at our range of Chip & PIN card machines today.

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