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Contactless card machines

Discover why your business should take contactless credit and debit card payments with Payzone.

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Contactless card payments

Find out everything you need to know about contactless credit and debit card payments with Payzone.

Why take contactless payments?

More than £3 billion is being spent every month using contactless cards, according to recent studies by the UK Cards Association. There were over 356 million contactless card payments made last year, accounting for one quarter of total card payments in the UK.

Contactless payments make it quick, easy and convenient for your customers to pay for their goods. Making it easier for your customers to spend money is a great first step on the road to having a positive impact on your businesses revenue.

How do I accept contactless credit and debit card payments?

All of our card payment machines are equipped to take contactless payments on sales up to the value of £30. Not only that, our card machines can also accept Apple Pay and Android Pay payments through your customers’ smartphone and other devices. Getting setup with a card machine through us is easy.

Contactless Card Payments with Payzone

Don't miss out.

More and more consumers are opting for the convenience of contactless payment. Ensuring your business accommodates contactless payments is a great way to give it the best opportunity to improve revenue.

Meet our card readers

Chip and PIN card machine

Countertop Terminal

Take credit and debit card payments within a fixed premises, next to your till or from your worktop.

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Portable Chip and PIN machine

Portable Terminal

Use the light-weight portable card machine to take payments up to 50 metres from the base station.

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Mobile Chip and PIN machine

Mobile Terminal

Use the mobile card machine to take payments on the move - anywhere across the UK.

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Contactless payments FAQs

Got any questions about contactless card payments? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Browse our FAQs below, if you can't find what you need contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How can I setup contactless payments?

Setting up contactless payments for your business with us is easy. All of our cardmachines support contactless payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay out of the box no additional setup required. Once setup you'll be able to start taking contactless payments immediately

Are contactless payments secure?

Contactless cards are built using the same secure system as Chip and PIN. All contactless card also include a range of security features which are built to safeguard information against fraud. So you can be more than confident that contactless payments are secure.

What is the limit per contactless transaction?

The current contactless transaction limit is £30. This limit is perfect for customers looking to purchase something in convenience stores, restaurants, bars and garages.

Does contactless cost extra?

Contactless technology is included with all our card machines. There are no hidden or extra costs and neither you or your customers will be charged extra for using contactless payments.

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