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Contactless card machines

Accept contactless payments with our secure card readers.
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  • Apple and Android Pay enabled
  • Flexible 12-month contracts

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What are contactless payments?

If you've got a contactless card reader, your customers can make quick and simple payments. They just need to tap their card onto the reader, without having to put it into the machine or enter their 4 digit PIN. 

Card payments are becoming more and more popular, in fact, it was reported by the UK Cards Association that more than 108.4 million contactless devices were in issue in the UK in April 2017, and 416.3 million contactless transactions were made the same month. 

Customers are becoming more and more used to using the technology, and it's even becoming more commonly used by train, tube and some bus companies too, as well as in shops, restaurants etc. 

Every Payzone card machine is contactless enabled.

  • Reduce the time it takes to take payments
  • Shorten queuing time for customers
  • Accept all major contactless credit and debit cards
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • Apple and Android Pay enabled

The contactless payment limit is currently £30.

How do contactless card machines work?

Contactless cards have a chip inside them. This uses radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication technology (NFC) to securely communicate with the card machine.

Apple and Android Pay

If your customer has an iPhone or Android Smartphone or device, they can setup them up to be able to make payments using these too. 

Like with a contactless card, they can just tap their device onto the reader to make a payment.

Compare our contactless card readers

Select from our range of contactless card payment machines, designed to suit a variety of business types.

Countertop card terminal

Countertop contactless machine

Perfect for serving customers from the till or counter
  • Connect by phone or broadband
  • Easy to install
  • Latest card security
Portable card payment machine

Portable contactless terminal

Take payments from customers around your business premise
  • 50m range using Bluetooth
  • Charging base unit
  • Small & lightweight design
Mobile card payment machine

Mobile contactless reader

Take contactless & Apple and Android payments whilst on the go
  • Connects via mobile networks
  • Easy to carry
  • Long battery life
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Contactless card machines with Payzone

At Payzone, we have over 25 years of experience supporting independent businesses across the UK with their payment solutions.

When you join Payzone, you’ll benefit from fast and reliable card payments whether that’s from your counter, around the shop floor or out on the road.

Our team of specialists will meet with you face to face to better understand your business and help you choose the payment solution for you.

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Short 12-month contracts

Whilst other providers may tie you into a lengthy contract for up to 5 years, we’re happy to offer businesses a short 12 month contract on our card payment solutions.

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No joining or exit fees

When you sign up with Payzone to accept card payments, there are no joining fees. Plus, if you decide to leave us at the end of your contract, you won’t be charged exiting fees.

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Bespoke pricing package

We have a team of over 90 card payment specialists who will work with you to choose the best card machine for your business, plus they will create a bespoke pricing package to suit your needs.

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No extra cost to setup

There’s no extra cost to start taking contactless payments. All our card machines are enabled to take them, as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay as standard, straight out of the box.

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Contactless card machine FAQs

  • How do contactless card readers work?

    Each contactless credit and debit card issued has a NFC  (near field communication) chip inside it that's picked up by our card machines.

    This means that when the customer is ready to pay, they don’t need to insert their card into the machine and enter their PIN.

    Instead, they present the card to the machine by holding it above the terminal screen, allowing the chip to send data to begin the transaction.

    Our card machines then pick up this signal and transmits the purchase information.

    For Apple Pay and Android Pay, instead of using the physical payment card, customers can instead use their iPhone or smartphone to make payment.

    All of Payzone’s card payment machines are enabled to accept contactless payments on sales up to the value of £30.

    Plus, the card machines are equipped to accept Apple Pay and Android Pay payments through your customers’ smartphones and other devices.

  • Is there a contactless limit?

    You can make payments of up to £30 using contactless.

  • Why should I take contactless payments?

    You’ll be giving your customers a faster way to pay using their debit or credit card.

    Contactless is already very popular and it's likely to continue to grow as a payment option.

    With a contactless card reader, you’ll be able to accept payments up to the value of £30 and there is currently no cap limit on payments through Apple Pay and Android Pay.

  • How can I setup contactless payments?

    When you join Payzone for card payments, there is no additional setup to start accepting contactless payments.

    All our card machines support contactless payments as well as Apple Pay and Android Pay straight out of the box.

    As soon you as install your machine, you’ll be able to start accepting contactless payments.

  • Are contactless payments secure?

    Contactless payments use the same security features as Chip and PIN to safeguard you and your customers information. Before using a contactless card, customers will need to activate their card using their 4-digit PIN at their bank as well as for their first contactless payment. Payments using contactless are also capped at a value of £30, to help avoid large sums of payment being made. Payzone are also FCA regulated for consumer hire.

  • Does contactless cost extra to setup?

    There is no extra cost to start accepting contactless payments with Payzone, the technology is included with all of our card machines with no need for additional setup.

  • How much can you pay on a contactless card?

    You can currently spend up to £30 using contactless.

    This makes it great for businesses that take regular smaller payments, such as cafes and shops.


Start taking contactless card payments

Accept contactless payments with our card machines, no joining fees and a short 12-month contract available.

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