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Published: 30/11/2018

What are the benefits of using a card reader?

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To help you stay ahead of the game, you should consider accepting cards in your business.

It’s likely that a lot of your competitors are already set up with card payments, and we know that more and more customers are paying (and expect to be able to pay) by card too.

As well as offering more flexibility and convenience, it can also help legitimise your business and build customer trust, as you can display well-known, trustworthy logos at your till point or on your website (MasterCard, Maestro etc.).

It doesn’t stop there though, let’s take a look at other ways both you and your customers could benefit from taking card payments.

1. More convenience for everyone

Have you ever gone to pay by card at a shop and be turned away when they say they don’t accept cards? Frustrating isn’t it? By not accepting cards, you could be causing your customers this same frustration and it could mean that they take their business elsewhere.

By using a card reader, you can serve pretty much anyone that comes in to your store. As well as cash, you be able to accept payment from anyone who has a major credit or debit card, including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro and American Express.

Plus, there are a variety of different types of card readers available. You can take payments face-to-face, whether that’s next to your till, whilst serving customers around your premises or whilst out on the road, for example, if you have delivery drivers in your business.

2. Cut down on loose change

When taking cash payments, have you ever run out of notes, or even loose change to hand back to your customers? It’s not great having to give them 8 pound coins in change when you have no fivers available.

With a card reader, you won’t have to worry as much, as you’ll find you take fewer cash payments, so will need less cash on site.

Plus, as you’ll have less cash on site, it will reduce opportunities for theft and fraud. Card processing solutions use a number of different security measures, including Chip and PIN technology, 3D secure and Address Verification Service (AVS), which help keep your business safe and secure.

It’ll cut down on trips to the bank too, so you can spend more time with your customers, not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about checking for counterfeit notes and coins.

3. It’s quicker all-round

Paying by card is a quicker process than cash – the customer pops their card in, enters their PIN and that’s it.

Make sure you choose a card machine enabled with contactless payments – this makes is super easy and fast for your customers to pay. They can use a contactless card, Apple device or Android smartphone, giving them more options.

This not only makes payments even more speedy, it makes impulse buys easier for them too. This could, in turn, increase the average spend in your shop if they spot something they’re desperate to buy!

And quicker payments mean reduced queuing times in your premises, so you can serve more people, more quickly.

What card readers are available?

If you’re interested in getting a card reader for your business, there’s a number of machines available:

Countertop card reader

  • Uses your shop’s phone line or broadband to process payments.
  • Plugs into an electrical socket to power up.
  • Takes up little counter space, so you can take face to face payments at the till.
  • Ideal for corner shops, retailers or any business that has a reception point.

Portable card reader

  • Uses Bluetooth to process payments.
  • Comes in two parts, a portable handset and a charging base.
  • Handset works within a 50m range of the base unit.
  • Base unit can be left plugged in at your counter so the handset can be charged ready for when you next need it.
  • Small and lightweight, so you can take the reader directly to your customers.
  • Perfect for catering businesses, such as restaurants, bars and pubs.

Mobile card reader

  • Uses 3G to connect to the strongest mobile network in your area.
  • Has a small and lightweight design, so you can easily carry it.
  • Allows you to accept card payments across the UK.
  • Has a long-lasting battery life.
  • Great for mobile businesses such as mobile caterers, tradesmen and couriers.

How can Payzone help?

If you’re ready to start taking card payments using a card reader, we can help get you started.

With over 25 years’ experience in the payment processing solutions industry, we’re dedicated to supporting thousands of businesses like yours.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach. That’s why we have a team of card payment specialists available nationwide who will come and meet you at your business premise.

With a wealth of business knowledge in your area, they’ll create a personalised pricing package based on your business needs.

This will be depend on your business type, your current or expected card turnover, plus it’ll include transaction and authorisation fees too.

We have no set-up fees when you join, and there are no exit fees if you leave at the end of your contract.

And we can help you get your business PCI compliant so that you can ensure you and your customers are protected when it comes to payments. You can find out more about PCI compliance here.

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