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Published: 17/09/2020

Rapyd Partners with JN Money

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Rapyd has partnered with JN Money giving retailers access to 45,000 customers nationwide.

We’re happy to announce that Rapyd has extended the service to add an exciting partner, JN Money, a subsidiary of Jamaica National Group. JN Money customers can now transfer money through the Payzone network.

About JN Money

JN Money customers can now transfer money through the Payzone network to 14 countries around the world. The partnership will allow their customers the option to pay for their transactions at any Payzone store. The partnership will see an increase in footfall to your locations as JN Money customers will now be able to use the JN Money app at Payzone stores.



So, what does this mean for retailers?

An expansion of the service means new customers, so Payzone retailers could see new faces visiting their store. A rise in footfall could drive an increase in basket spend. 

“We are delighted to be able to offer this new service to our retailers and their customers.” said Martin Rouse, Retail Director for Payzone Bill Payments Limited. “Rapyd & JN Money brings a new type of service to Payzone Bill Payments that we’ve not seen before. It’s a great product and I believe that it will be popular with customers and ultimately increase footfall for our Payzone retailers.”


If you want to offer this service call our Sales Team on 0800 0566 015 or email

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