Published: 03/11/2021

Andrew's Story - Lansdown Dairy

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Andrew's Story

Andrew owns a retail grocery shop & delicatessen on the high street of a small town centre. He has been a Payzone retailer for a few years and recently switched to the Payzone Plus device.


“The new Payzone Plus device is so much better because it is connected to the wifi. This means we can process transactions with confidence because we know the device is not going to lose connection.”



I switched to Payzone a few years ago and found the old system to be quite dated and unreliable. The system used to break down and lose connection quite frequently which was not ideal when me or my staff were trying to process transactions for customers through the terminal. We wanted to be able to serve those customers using Payzone with confidence so when the opportunity arose to upgrade to a Payzone Plus device, I jumped at the chance.



I received an email from Payzone about the new Payzone Plus device and registered my interest immediately. Somebody came out to take away the old system and install the new device which all looked very straightforward, so I would have felt comfortable installing the new device myself. The Payzone Plus device is much smaller than the old one, which was very clunky, and it is also connected to the wifi. This makes the service much more reliable so my colleagues and I feel much more confident when we are processing transactions that the device won’t cut out.



The new Payzone Plus device is extremely reliable so we are confident it is going to work every time. We are able to serve our customers much quicker so they are not waiting around as long in our store and there have been no embarrassing slip-ups with the device not working. Payzone Plus has had such a positive impact on my staff because they can now process transactions with confidence because it works all the time and doesn’t keep breaking down. I would definitely recommend switching or upgrading to a Payzone Plus device.

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